Established in 2010, West Eleven is a boutique property development and investment company specialising in residential properties.



The primary focus of West Eleven is in sourcing sites and development opportunities where the possibility to unlock value may not first be obvious and has most likely been overlooked by others.

Our assessment of developments is rooted in an extensive knowledge of the local market, a detailed understanding of who we are selling to and what their specific demands are. By choosing to develop primarily in the fringes of Prime or in Emerging-Prime London reinforces this strategy as it avoids the crowded Prime-Central London market but provides good demand from affluent buyers who have access to credit.

Through the experience of our directors and their wide network of contacts West Eleven is well placed to source suitable opportunities and identify those that have the maximum potential.


Will Herrmann

An engineer by training, Will has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol. He started investing in property whilst at university purchasing five bedsits, converting them in to student accommodation, living for free and doubling his investment in two years.

Will has been investing in central London property in a private capacity since 2003 whilst working for his family business following which, he established West Eleven in 2010 to exploit the significant opportunities he indentified in the market.

Will’s ethos for property development is to find value in the acquisition of sites by focusing on the fringes of prime London where there is more scope to buy well. These areas also tend to have a more ready supply of buyers and if a development is correct it is easier to get a premium on sales value.

Will’s attention to detail, design knowledge and focus on delivering on time and on budget has led to impressive results for West Eleven, and its investment partners.